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Until now, ratings were hard to get

Asking the customer to review the transaction after it’s over can be as hard as panhandling in the subway. And as much as you’d like your customers to take a few moments to post a review, you’ve got to face the truth. When you’re the buyer, you too often ignore those pesky pop-ups. You’ve spent enough time on the purchase, and you aren’t about to give it another moment’s thought. Unless, of course, something’s wrong with it.

Just a couple of negative reviews can make your company look bad

One or two disgruntled buyers can cause plenty of damage online. That doesn’t seem very fair, especially if you’ve been killing yourself to provide amazing service at excellent prices, and most of your clients are quite satisfied.

The Positive Stars mission

It’s a two-fold goal:
1. Giving consumers the complete picture of the seller’s ratings.
2. Giving sellers the opportunity to present their company’s real satisfaction rating.
In a word, fairness.

One-click reviews are a no-brainer

Positive Stars uses a novel approach to combat the ’no-thanks-I-have-no-time-to-rate’ syndrome. Everyone can handle one little click during checkout, especially in exchange for a discount on their current order!


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